How to apply a gel/resin self-adhesive or a tank pad protector.

Normally, the application is extremely simple. However there are some things you need to know and to which we must pay special attention before application.
Carefully clean the part where we place the self-adhesive from grease and dust.
Do NOT USE ALCOHOL DENATURED, but use just a soft, dry cloth. In case of stubborn dirt, use a spray cleaner to clean the glass or
mild soap and water, rinse well with water alone. Air dry the surface and make sure it is perfectly clean and dry.
Gluing without tape applicator (application tape).
Mark references with a water-based pen to apply it exactly where you want it in upright position.
It is also possible to use small pieces of paper adhesive to delimit the zone of application.
We do not recommend the application "en bloc", it is better to start from one end, high or low, and then slowly and press with your fingers or better with a soft cloth, stick it up at the end.
Important Note: In general, all the stickers are applied in an ambient temperature of not less than 20 Celsius degrees but, for excellent results and allow the glue a instant activation, is highly recommended, where possible, to heat both the self-adhesive (especially if resin), and the part where it will be placed, for example the tank or the tailgate of the car.

A common household hair dryer is the perfect choice. The temperature of pre-heating may even reach a temperature, uniform, of 50 or 60 Celsius degrees.
In this way, we will have a perfect activation of glue on the support and will avoid any possibility of detachment in future.
General note: Do not apply on freshly painted surfaces. Wait at least 3-4 days before making the application.
Application of pre-spaced self-adhesive with application tape.
The tape applicator has the function to hold all the parts or components of the graphic (written or graphic with more pieces) together, thereby maintaining the spacing and positioning of the original.
Notwithstanding the above recommendations, in order to apply these self-adhesive with tape applicator, follow the following assembly diagram.

Warning: in case of incorporation under the application tape of adhesives which are not an integral part of the tank protection, cut them in advance with scissors or cutter for be able to position it where better it is considered appropriate.

Application instructions

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